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We at CharlesWorks would love the opportunity to provide you with the best web development, web hosting and Internet service in the area. 

We have had numerous queries from previous KNS Computers customers about what services we provide. We handle everything concerning your website from start to finish. We also have our own web serving equipment. Simply put it means we have our own equipment and therefore can accomplish web work and related web services for our clients without having to go through any middle men, so to speak. We currently host over 3,600 web sites - most of which are local to the Monadnock Region - but others everywhere from the United States to three other continents.

Your website is an online reflection of you and your business.

Regardless of how small or large your business is, if you aren't on the web, there is no measure of your potentially lost business opportunities.

That is why at CharlesWorks we want to see everybody be online with an affordable website that is:

  • Easy to navigate

  • Will be found by the major search engines

  • Represent your business professionally

We help our clients from start to finish, beginning with domain name registration, thru the hosting, email, and design. We also specialize in SEO - Search Engine Optimization - which is helping to get you found on the web by the search engines.

If you aren't certain where to start, call us at CharlesWorks
(603-924-9867) and we can help get you started right away!


Huge upgrade successfully implemented
Monday, 12/3/2012

We're very excited about our new gigabit fiberglass line that was installed for an upgrade! We immensely increased the speed of our major Internet backbone tie-in. Okay, maybe not the most exciting thing for most of you - but it was very exciting here at CharlesWorks!

What happened to
KNS Computers?

We are not certain what happened to KNS Computers. We do not have any information on them.

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